Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day 5

We all awoke to a “wake up call”…and everyone seemed chipper! Off we went to breakfast and we had a few hours to play/hang before our U.S. Consulate appointment. Of course, we played soccer for what seemed like hours. This boy has skills! By the way, whenever he or we would make a goal, we’d yell “goal!” Half way during our game he yelled “goal.” Thus, making his first word spoken- goal!!!!!!!
Then we went upstairs, cleaned up and while waiting for Robel to arrive we introduced a new toy (we brought quite a few things to do with him here and thought it a good idea to bring one thing out at a time) so next came…the motorcycle. Let’s just say, he is a Phillips, and loves the “boom booms.”
At 11:30, Robel came to pick us up. He informed us that our plans had changed. To be honest, even tonight as Brent and I rehearsed that conversation, neither of us understands exactly what happened. All we know is tomorrow morning is the Consulate appointment. (By the way, we were told it took many visits by Robel to secure this appointment. Remember, we had mentioned the change that recently took place and with all of Robel’s contacts gone, it took many trips just to get them to grant us this appointment. We hope we are not black listed…but then again, God gave us Jim (the man in Robel’s choir) and if we need something, I believe he will help us. God is so good!!!!)
So, today we spent some time finishing up our shopping. It is the “rule” here that you do not go in public with your child. Many Ethiopians feel we are coming to buy their kids and don’t like us. Robel knows where we are able to go that is safe and where we are to stay away from. Unfortunately, when we are at the Guest House we cannot leave, so often we feel a bit trapped. One scary thing happened today while shopping at The Post Office (an outdoor area, of shacks that line the streets, all filled with Ethiopian treasures. People are constantly pulling you into their shop and those on the street (street kids, the elderly and handicapped) are pulling on you when you are outside the shops. While here,Tekle had to go with David (our driver) and pretend to be his son. This was weird not being able to be near him much. At one point, I see Tekle run out of a shop and right to the curb of the street. There was a man who had been taunting him to buy sunglasses (and continued to do so the entire time we were there). It was unsettling to watch our son simply dart off to a stranger…but thankful it was a safe and teachable lesson.
Later we ate at another great restaurant, bought some African art and finally headed back to the Guest House. Tekle was tired…his tummy hurt and again, I think while life is great and full of wonder, this change has got to be a lot to handle. He took a great nap…
The rest of the day/night we played and played and finally heard him laugh. He is a daddy’s boy and loves to be tickled. Again, he will fit in well. There seemed to be a bit more life in him today.
Currently, he is sleeping…and all is well.


  1. Thanks for the updates. I have a 6 figure soccer committment contract waiting for you to sign from a certain team from LA that likes to hire on its future stars way early. I also have a respesentation contract that you must sign first naming me his manager. Man, I love this kid already!! :) We miss all of you.

    Tommy and Anne

  2. soooo glad to hear how well things are working out - can hardly wait to hug him - it will be so fun to see the kids all interact - the skype experience must have been awesome - love you.....

  3. I'm just absolultely THRILLED for you!! Corbin is in my prayers, and I can't wait to meet him! What wonderful updates. Praying for your stamina and his comfort while God continues to knit your hearts together. Love you! Kimberly C

  4. WOW!!!! Thanks for all the details. All of this brings joyful tears to my eyes. We are so excited for you all. Tekle is going to have a wonderful life! Nelsons